Phoenix Suns Top Boston Celtics, Washington Wizards in Weekend Wins. Next Up: Philadephia 76ers.

Almost every wag in sports punditry and the blogosphere was predicting such a slaughter, especially after Steve Nash and his boys experienced a major meltdown against Orlando last week. 

As it turns out, however, the Suns have done most of the damage during this road trip, including thumping the Celtics 110-103 Friday night in Boston's first loss of the season. 

Jason Richardson was the star of the game, making a major rebound both from the DUI-related suspension to start the season and his scoreless performance against the Magic by landing 34 points (including six-of-seven three-pointers) and 10 rebounds during his 38 minutes of playing time. 

He wasn't the only Suns player taking it to the hoop, as Amar'e Stoudemire racked up 22 points as the Fun 'n' Gun penetrated Boston's heretofore impassible defense. While Celtics coach Doc Rivers blamed the loss on his team's fatigue (having battled six teams in the previous seven days) the fact of the matter is that Suns were simply making buckets while their opponents were coming up with nothing but bricks on multiple occasions.

The game started with a three-pointer from Channing Frye and the points just kept on coming as the Suns led for practically the entire game. Every time Boston started to nip away at the lead (including getting within six points with seven minutes left), Phoenix countered with a well-timed shot or some other scoring drive to pull away again.

For instance, Steve Nash (who had 16 points and 12 assists for the game) unleashed a key trey with less than a minute to go after Kevin Garnett & Co. came within four. A few Celts superstars seemed to fold as the night wore on: Ray Allen left the game because of foul trouble, while Rasheed Wallace went 0 for 7 from the free-throw line.

The Suns remained equally smokin' during yesterday's 102-90 victory over Washington at the Verizon Center, as Richardson and Frye led their team in scoring (22 and 18 points, respectively) and Nash mounted another 17 assists. Although such stats were blunted by Phoenix's 20 turnovers during the contest, our hometown heroes managed to keep it together long enough to trump Gilbert Arenas and the rest of the Wizards, dominating the game during the second half and handing the team its fourth straight loss.

Phoenix is now an unbelievable 6-1 going into the final game of the roadtrip against the ailing Philadelphia 76ers, who were handily defeated by the Detroit Pistons on Sunday. Despite their slumping 3-3 start to the season, the Sixers are potent on both the offensive and defensive ends with such stars as guard Andre Iguodala and forwards Thaddeus Young and Elton Brand itching to come alive. 

Much like the Suns, Philly has something to prove this season, as the team suffered a first-round exit in this year's playoffs. And just like Planet Orange's relationship with the dominant L.A. Lakers, the Sixers are considered little-regarded also-rans outshined in their division by Boston and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Tune in tonight to see if the Suns can overcome these upstarts and return home an astounding 7-1. Tip-off is at 5 p.m. TV: My45 (cable channel 9). Radio: KTAR-AM 620. More info:

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