Phoenix Suns Will Be the Most Unwatchable Team in the NBA, Says USA Today

If you planned on watching the Phoenix Suns this season, it might be time to make new plans.

According to USA Today, the Suns will be the most unwatchable team in the NBA.

This might not come as a surprise, since the Suns had the fourth-worst record in the NBA last year, and the absolute worst record in the Western Conference.

The team's number-one draft pick this year, center Alex Len, isn't exactly billed as the savior of the franchise, and new GM Ryan McDonough got rid of several of the recognizable names on the team: Michael Beasley, Jared Dudley, Luis Scola and Caron Butler (not like that's a bad thing).

Now that the Suns are clearly in the ol' "rebuilding mode," they will only be worse next year, USA Today surmises. The paper is counting down all the NBA teams by how exciting they will be to watch this year, and, of course, started off with the Suns at number 30, since there's no excitement to be had.

Really, the only thing you could hope for this season as a Suns fan is another lottery pick in next year's draft.

USA Today doesn't seem to find much excitement in watching a team that counts Goran Dragic, Marcin Gortat, and Eric Bledsoe as its stars.

From USA Today:


Ugly basketball: Dragic, Gortat and Bledsoe all would be role players on good teams. Here, they will be asked to be the stars. The Suns may have the worst-constructed roster in basketball, and watching Dragic and Bledsoe take shots that no one else is more qualified to take won't be pretty.

Obviously, every other NBA team is ranked higher by USA Today on the watchability scale, but it really gives it some perspective when you note that the Suns are one of two teams the paper deems less watchable than the Charlotte Bobcats.

The Suns' first game of the season is at home on October 30, against the Portland Trailblazers.

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