Phoenix Woman Flips Surveillance Camera the Bird in Middle of Parking-Garage Sex Romp; Grandma Picked Her Up at Police Station

We'll spare you a cliche lede about "getting caught with your pants down" -- KPHO beat us to that -- we'll just say it: a Valley couple got caught doin' it in a Scottsdale parking garage last week.

The couple, a 38-year-old Scottsdale man and a 26-year-old Phoenix woman, were reportedly goin' at it in the parking garage at the Scottsdale Quarter shopping center.

A security guard in the garage caught the two in the midst of their extreme PDA and asked them to leave.

The couple left -- sort of.

Minutes later, the two were bumpin' uglies again, this time on another level of the garage. The woman apparently realized she was starring in her own surveillance-cam porno and, according to the arrest report, "at one point (the woman) turned towards the direction of the security cameras and extended her middle finger."

After finishing up, the lovebirds left the parking garage and headed back to the Patio of Prime Bar, where they'd apparently been drinking prior to getting their hump on in the garage.

The security guard who had originally asked the two to leave the garage apparently didn't appreciate being flicked off by the woman. He called police, who tracked the two back to the bar, where they were arrested.

When they were taken into custody, police say the woman's eyes were bloodshot, her speech was slurred, and she was having trouble keeping her balance.

The woman initially denied having sex with the man in the garage but later said they "possibly had sex."

Apparently it wasn't that memorable.

The man told cops "he was inside having a few drinks with the female, and she was too drunk so he was trying to take her home."

The two were both cited for several sex-in-a-parking-garage related crimes including public sexual indecency.

The kicker: The woman's grandmother reportedly picked her up from the police station.

Call us crazy, but if we were to get busted having sex in a public parking garage, grandma's the absolute last person were gonna call to pick us up from the police station.

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