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Phoenix's Trash is Canada's Treasure; Hockey Canada Looks to Take Advantage of Jobless Gretzky

After the "Great One" was run out of the Valley in disgrace last week, our neighbors to the north seem to be pulling out the big guns to make sure Canada's favorite son heads home.

Hockey Canada, the group responsible for organizing Canada's Olympic hockey team, hopes that Gretzky will come to Canada and play a large role in the program.

Gretzky served as executive director of the program during the past two Olympics and still serves as an adviser to the program. Gretzky left his post to focus on coaching the Phoenix Coyotes, and former Detroit Red Wing Steve Yzerman took the reins.

Given the newfound time on his hands, the Canadians hope to bring Gretzky back and take advantage of the talents that were squandered by the hockey geniuses here in Phoenix.

"I've got lots of ideas, and I'm sure he knows I do," Hockey Canada President Bob Nicholson tells the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. "I'd be really surprised if we don't continue to have the great relationship that we've had over the years.

"It will be in a different manner than we have, but I think it could be stronger -- stronger than ever before."

Yzerman is expected to contact Gretzky this week to discuss what role the "Great One" will serve in the program, going forward.

As if Canada needs help when it comes to hockey.

Get rid of the greatest hockey player of all time? Good move Phoenix, good move.

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