Photo Enforcement Ban Proposed by State Lawmakers

Is photo enforcement on Arizona's highways and freeways coming to an end?

On the heels of the launch of a citizens initiative to ban the cameras that have been multiplying like coyotes on local streets, a group of state lawmakers has now introduced a bill that would do the same thing, but quicker.

The Associated Press is reporting today that Sam Crump, a Republican representative from Anthem, is leading a group of legislatures to push the bill into law.

While the initiative wouldn't grace a ballot until 2010, lawmakers could conceivably pull the financial plug soon on the Arizona Department of Public Safety speed camera program that Janet Napolitano wanted.

Crump (pictured at right) may know what it's like to get one of the Orwellian letters in the mail. Court records show someone in Scottsdale named Sam Crump received a speed-camera ticket in 2007, though it was dismissed immediately for some reason. The birth date listed makes the driver 18, so it can't be Lawmaker Sam. Maybe a son?

Whatever the case, it appears Sam Crump wants everyone to get off the hook.

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