Photo-Radar Renegade Gets Caught Driving Alone With Head Out Sunroof

A Chandler man was arrested today for doing one of the most inexplicably stupid things we've ever seen: speeding down the highway with half his body out the sunroof of his car in a county renowned for its use of photo radar.

He wasn't even wearing a monkey mask, like a previous speedster looking to laugh in the face of the law.

Department of Public Safety officers nabbed 25-year-old Richard Anthony Flores Jr.on two counts of reckless driving and one count of criminal speeding after he had his photo snapped by several speed cameras as he drove down the U.S. 60 at Alma School Drive.

DPS officials say Flores was driving his car at 90 miles per hour in a 65 m.p.h. zone the first time he had his photo taken, and was driving above the posted speed limit while -- as you can see in the above photo -- standing through his sunroof.

DPS officers say Flores had a louvered plate cover to attempt to obstruct visibility. It apparently didn't obstruct it enough, because officers were able to make out the number on his plates, which were from California, locate his Chandler address, and call his family, who forced him to turn himself in.

There was nobody else in the car with Flores as he was perching himself through the sunroof, so any theory that he may have been trying to impress some chick in the passenger seat are out the window (pun intended).

So why the hell would someone do something so far beyond any realm of stupid? DPS officers tell New Times it seems to be another hair-brained attempt to defy photo enforcement.

"Everyone has First Amendment rights," says DPS spokesman Robert Bailey. "If people don't like [photo enforcement], call your congressman; don't go and do stupid stuff like this."

The long lens of the law may have the last laugh in Flores' case, however. By standing through the sunroof, Flores gave the cameras a perfect shot of his face, allowing officers to positively identify him in eight other violations.

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