Pinal County Men Steal Two Tons of Hay. The Payoff: About $500

Two Pinal County men were arrested last week for stealing two tons of hay from a dairy just south of highway 287.

The hay, the victim of the theft told police later, has a street value of roughly 500 bucks.

Pinal County sheriff's deputies were dispatched to a suspicious vehicle with a giant load of hay they believed was stolen. Turns out, it was.

The driver of the vehicle, 33-year-old Hector Pelayo, told deputies he'd purchased the hay from a local dairy. He said he bought the hay from a man he knew as "Wedo" for $200. He also told deputies he knew it was stolen.

Deputies checked out the dairy and found the man Pelayo identified as "Wedo," 34-year-old Alejandro Noriega-Ramirez.

Noriega-Ramirez was identified by the owner of the dairy as an employee of his who usually works the night shift.

The hay, the dairy owner told police, is used to feed his animals and is not for sale.

Both Pelayo and Noriega-Ramirez were booked on one count of theft.

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