Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu Seeks "Wenches" as Part of Proposed Anti-Drug-Smuggling Unit

The dude is everywhere, but is especially prevalent on Fox News, where his bleatings about the evils of illegal immigration -- replete with incorrect statistics -- are greeted sans any anything approaching intellectual honesty, much less any old-fashioned fact-checking.


Sheriff Babeu is going hard while the going is good -- and it may not get any better for him than it is at this moment, what with his adopted pet issue illegal immigration on the front burner.

Part of that going hard has included him recently asking the Pinal County Board of Supervisors to fund an anti-smuggling enforcement unit. (It's all still up in the air.)

On page six of Babeu's expensive proposal, he asks, among other items, for first-aid kits, binoculars, mobile data computers, and "Tahoe 4x4 patrol vehicles with wenches."

That's right,


Jeez, Sheriff, you really think that wenches are going to turn the tide in this thing?

We think of wenches as working girls, strumpets, as in, "The back streets were filled with wenches of all shapes and sizes."

One can only imagine how things may turn around in the remote Vekol Valley -- site of where Deputy Puroll claimed to have been shot -- if wenches, not that darned Mexican cartel, takes over the landscape.

We suspect that Sheriff Babeu meant winches, cranks or handles of revolving machines used for hoisting or hauling stuff.

Then again, these are crazy times.
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