Podcast: Love Phoenix or Leave Phoenix Continued

By Jonathan McNamara

Robert Pela revealed on Thursday that the freedom to pass gas without alerting his neighborhood's gossip hounds makes living in Phoenix a worthwhile venture even if the symphony sucks. Today, two other New Times employees have stepped up to the plate to espouse their love for this city in the desert.

Lilia Menconi's status as a native Phoenecian may make her rare, but rarer still is her decision not to leave this place at all. She is not one of those who have left and come back. Menconi made a decision to stay in this city for reasons she is happy to share with you:

In direct contrast, Wynter Holden did give Phoenix up if only for enough time to realize she'd better come back. Like many Phoenicians, Holden aspired to live in Portland. What drove her back to this dusty desert? Listen to what she has to say:

What say you, dear reader? Are you in agreement with Holden and Menconi or are you packing your bags? Let us know why you love Phoenix by sending a message to [email protected]. Entries will be poured over and selected for publication right here on

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Jonathan McNamara