Police: More Than Reefer Madness Going On at Pot-Eating Tyke's Home

Sylvia Stocking and Matthew Skaggs

By Ray Stern

The couple pictured above not only allowed their 2-year-old daughter to ingest marijuana, police say, but exposed the kid to "horrendously unhealthy" conditions inside their El Mirage home.

Bill Louis, El Mirage's assistant police chief, says the home barely had any furnishings. The child's room was among the worst in the house, containing "soiled diapers, dog feces, spoiled food and drug paraphernalia," he says.

TV stations and newspapers covering the story since yesterday have dutifully reported that marijuana was found in the home, along with assorted paraphernalia.

So this is a story about the depths of hardcore marijuana addiction, right?

Wrong. Though local news outlets have yet to report it, the couple's home contained a lot more than just weed.

The El Mirage police report on the couple lists several other items seized from the home, Louis says, after he was contacted by New Times:

A meth pipe. A white powdery substance in clear, plastic baggies. Razor blades in at least two different locations in the house. And what Louis calls a "dope-cooking spoon."

This couple, who were arrested and charged with a slew of crimes, apparently had problems that went far beyond using marijuana, he says.

Trouble is, you wouldn't know that just from reading the Arizona Republic or watching TV news.

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