Charles Jensen
Charles Jensen

Politico Produces Travel Records Showing He Was Out of Town When "Desert Divas" Claim He Was With Escorts

Three days after finding his name and address on the "Desert Diva's" client list, Charles Jensen found travel receipts showing he was out of town when the hooker business claims he used its "services."

Jensen, founder of the conservative networking group Politics on the Rocks, released credit card receipts and travel itineraries from Chicago and Los Angeles trips on the dates found on the list.

This week, rookie Paradise Valley mayor and newfound gubernatorial candidate Vernon Parker, as well as other prominent members of the group's governing board, resigned after catching word of the allegations.

According to the list, Jensen used the service on three separate occasions in 2007. On July 16, Nov. 27, and Dec.13, Jensen had the escort come to his Scottsdale home, the list says..

However, according to travel documents, provided to the Arizona Guardian by Jensen -- who  maintains he never used the service -- the politico flew to Los Angeles on July 15, was in Chicago November 27-30, and was in Manhattan Beach, California from December 11 to December 14.

Jensen didn't return our calls this morning but tells the Guardian that someone living at his house could have been the patron of the call-girl service.

And that person had the gall to use Jensen's name? With friends like that, who needs politics? 


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