Poll: One-Third of Voters Not Convinced People Who Want to "Secure the Border" Aren't Racist

Good news for people who talk up their desire for the country to "secure the border" and try to prevent illegal immigration -- most American voters don't think you're racist.

The problem is, according to poll results, that still leaves one-third of American voters who still think you might be racist.

According to the poll results released today by Rasmussen Reports, only 11 percent of voters are actually sure that "people who want to secure the border and prevent illegal immigration" are racist.

However, 22 percent said they weren't sure, thus not being able to definitively said that border-security advocates aren't racist.

This question wasn't perfect, for obvious reasons.

There are plenty of racists who happen to promote anti-illegal-immigration efforts, but some people might find it a stretch to call a group of millions of people racist.

However, survey says: 11 percent of "likely U.S. voters" think they're racist.

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