Polygamy Puzzle

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AAUW state board member Mary Carol O'Malley says her organization "deluged Janet Napolitano's office with letters demanding that you need to do something."

O'Malley says Napolitano's office has been unresponsive to AAUW's demands that she take action to protect the women and children living in polygamous societies. O'Malley says she has personally pressed Napolitano on several occasions in the last year on the status of the investigation and whether indictments could be expected.

"She [Napolitano] just rolls her eyes as if to say It's going.' I don't know if it is going ahead, or just going away," O'Malley says.

Mohave County Supervisor Buster Johnson also has taken a leading role in applying pressure on Napolitano's office and is also unhappy with the pace of the Attorney General's investigation and the lack of indictments.

"I would like to have seen things move a lot faster," says Johnson, a retired Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy.

Criticism of the lack of progress in Napolitano's Colorado City investigation is not warmly received by her closest advisers.

In an unusual outburst that reflects the emotion of the issue this close to the election, Burke lashed out at Johnson the day after New Times broke the story about the memo. Burke left an unsolicited voice-mail message at New Times noting that Johnson had been a source in the feature story before adding that Johnson is "under criminal investigation."

Burke's statement that Johnson is under criminal investigation runs counter to the Attorney General's Office policy to neither confirm nor deny criminal probes on any matter, and it could be seen as a bare-knuckled attempt to discredit Johnson.

"I find it rather shocking," says Johnson.

Johnson says no one has informed him that he is the target of a criminal probe on any matter, and he's not been questioned about any crime.

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