Power Company Confirms Space Aliens Had Nothing to Do With Flashing Light Behind Fox 10 Reporter

A light flashed during Fox 10's traffic report last week, and since it's Arizona, it turned into a nationwide international story.

Example headlines: "Mystery surrounds bright light explosion caught on live television in Phoenix" from Fox Los Angeles, "Unexplained 'Phoenix Lights' explosion caught live on news broadcast" from Yahoo! News, and "Mysterious Light Appears in KSAZ Live Shot, 15 Years After UFO Visited Phoenix," from Media Bistro.

And wouldn't you believe it -- the power company says the light had nothing to do with extra-terrestrials making a wrong turn into Arizona on their spaceship and turning on the high-beams.

Arizona Public Service Co. says the "ball of light" came from an electrical breaker.

Since today's the 15th anniversary of the "Phoenix Lights," it may not exactly be surprising that a light in Phoenix from a power line somehow turned into a national story, but according to our local news-hounds, there are alleged little green men all over the place here:

Watch the Fox 10 segment of the solved "mysterious light" crisis below, including the heartbreaking news from a Phoenix arson investigator:

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Matthew Hendley
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