President Obama "Involved" in Joe Arpaio Protests, According to (of Course) Joe Arpaio

People plan on protesting Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his immigration policies again today, and apparently he suspects President Obama might be behind it.

Combining the fact that Arpaio headlined the lunacy of a "birther" investigation into Obama, and Arpaio's trouble with the feds, it doesn't sound that ridiculous.

Except it really does.

Arpaio previously claimed he shouldn't be the "poster boy" for these protests, sticking to his usual story that he's just enforcing the laws.

Now he apparently thinks it's Obama who's behind the protests, in addition to previously saying he believes Obama's in the White House using a forged birth certificate and Selective Service registration.

The newest episode of the X-Files out of the sheriff's office was filmed by KPHO, in which Arpaio claims he didn't think the protesters were just a bunch of undocumented youngsters who want to stay in the US of A.

"If you don't think the president is not involved in this -- I remember seeing one of those people arrested shaking hands with the president," Arpaio told the TV station.

He may not have remembered that this happened, but 16-year-old Jackie Sanchez -- one of the six people arrested and released during a protest against Arpaio earlier this week -- got to talk to the president for a few seconds about the DREAM Act when he was in town in January.

Adding in the fact that all of the protesters arrested at Trevor Browne were released from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody, citing the youngsters "do not fall under ICE's enforcement priorities," Arpaio may have another case for the "birther" squad.

We haven't heard back from the sheriff's office for a further explanation on Arpaio's apparent new belief, but we'll let you know when we get a response (or a petition from 250 tea party members asking for a thorough investigation).

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