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Private School Tax Credit Task Force to Hold First Meeting

The ruse of bipartisanship shall be on display September 21 as the Legislature begins its first talks over private school tax-credit reform.


The Bipartisan Task Force on the Private School Tuition Tax Credits, a committee comprised of three Republicans and five Democrats, plan to give it their all in achieving a "bipartisan" solution to the problem.

If history tells us anything, this is going to be just one more "bipartisan" bicker-fest that our lame Legislature has become famous for.

The issue of private school tax credits has been controversial since it was signed into law in 1997.

The idea is that people can donate money to a school tuition fund that disperses the dough to students who normally couldn't afford to go to a private school. The state then matches the donation, and gives the donor a tax credit in exchange for the donation.

"Democrats and Republicans must work together to ensure this program is effective for Arizona's school children, and it's not violating state and federal laws in the future," says state Representative David Schapira. "Too many questions and concerns have been raised about this program and its reported violations of various laws. We need to take a clear look at it to build education for a stronger Arizona."

You guys want to find a "bipartisan" solution? Why not give this a shot; make some concessions! That's how people reach agreements.

If the Dems can find a tourniquet for those bleeding hearts, and Republicans can understand that poor people are still actually human beings, we might find ourselves in the middle of a very effective road.

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