Prosecutors Pursue Death Penalty for Three Nativists Who Killed Father and 9-Year Old on U.S.-Mexico Border

Looks like our nativist cover-girl Shawna Forde and two others could get the death penalty for their roles in the murder of a man and his 9-year old daughter during an Arivaca home invasion earlier this year.

Deputy Pima County attorney Kellie Johnson announced yesterday that she'd filed a notice on Monday to seek the death penalty for Forde, Jason E. Bush and Albert R. Gaxiola.

The three are accused of forcing their way into the home of Raul Junior Flores dressed as law enforcement, shooting and killing Flores and Brisinia, his 9-year old daughter. Flores' wife was shot three times, but survived her injuries.

Forde, the leader of the Minuteman American Defense (MAD) border watch group, also allegedly masterminded the raid to steal drugs and money (and kill all witnesses) in order to fund MAD.

All three suspects are charged with (and plead not-guilty to) two counts of first-degree murder, one count of attempted first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault and first-degree burglary, armed robbery and aggravated robbery.

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Malia Politzer
Contact: Malia Politzer