PV Mayor Vernon Parker to Tweet Live Criticism of Jan Brewer's State of the State Address

In a move that seems taken from the pages of Barack Obama's social-media political playbook, Paradise Valley Mayor and political rookie Vernon Parker will be tweeting live criticism from Governor Brewer's State of the State address next week.

Considering Parker is looking to oust Jan as the GOP's candidate for governor, we can only assume his tweets won't be a ringing endorsement of the speech.

"I will be fair in my commentary," Parker says. "But don't be surprised if you see a legislator or two looking at their blackberry during her speech and smiling or nodding."

Oh, we're, um, sure Parker's tweets will just leave everyone rotflmao.

That, of course, is assuming they show up, which has been a problem for certain legislators this session (yes, Representatives Crandall and Sinema, we're looking in your direction).

The move to tweet during the speech was announced today by Parker's political hype-man, Jason Rose, who seems to put out a press release every time Parker takes a breath.

Parker was only elected mayor a little more than a year ago, yet he is one of several Republicans looking to take Brewer's spot at the top of the Republican ticket. Considering Parker has virtually no experience, having a cheerleader like Jason Rose around to over-hype his every move probably isn't a bad call.  

You can "smile" and "nod" at Parker's, um, wit and humor by visiting his Twitter page on Monday at 1:30 p.m. as Governor Jan gives what probably will be her last State of the State address.

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