Queen Creek Man Arrested for Weekend of Sex With 15-Year-Old Girl

In a text message he showed police after getting arrested for having a weekend full of sex with a 15-year-old girl, 23-year-old Christopher Bochenek told his victim, "I hope I don't go to jail." Good luck, bub.

Bochenek was arrested last Friday after the girl told her parents that she'd spent the previous weekend having sex with Bochenek at his parents' house, where he lived.

Pinal County Sheriff's Office spokesman Tim Gaffney tells New Times none of Bochenek's family members were home over the course of the weekend.

Bochenek met the girl a few days before the weekend of sex through a mutual acquaintance. The girl told her parents she was staying with a friend, but instead she spent the weekend with Bochenek, having sex and drinking alcohol.

The girl later told her parents and administrators at her school that she and Bochenek had sex more than 10 times. Text messages the two exchanged confirmed that Bochenek knew the girl was 15.

Once arrested, Bochenek admitted to everything, and even showed detectives text messages he'd exchanged with the girl.

Bochenek was booked into the Pinal County Adult Detention Center on 15 counts of sexual conduct with a minor.

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