Queen Creek Woman Fatally Shoots Boyfriend in Head After He Was "Pushing Her Emotional Buttons All Day"

A Queen Creek woman, hopped up on pharmies and rage, shot and killed her boyfriend on Wednesday night, according to court documents acquired by New Times.

Police were called to the Queen Creek home of 52-year-old Susan Quinnett at about 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday by Quinnett, who reported that her boyfriend, Ralph Rockafellow, had shot himself and that she believed he was dead.

When officers got to the scene at 26220 Lemon Avenue in Queen Creek, they noticed the crime scene didn't jibe with what Quinnett was telling them.

Quinnett, court docs claim, told officers that Rockafellow was watching television in another room when she heard a pop. When she went to see what happened, she found Rockafellow in his chair with his eyes closed and "a little blood" on his nose, she claimed.

She came clean during a second interview with police.

Quinnett, who has a history of verbal domestic violence with Rockafellow told police that her boyfriend had been "pushing her emotional buttons all day."

She took a cocktail of Ambien, Klonopin, and Prozak to "calm down," but Rockafellow continued to "push her buttons."

Rockafellow -- "belligerently drunk" at the time of the argument, according to Quinnett -- was trying to throw Quinnett out of the house.

She had nowhere to go, she told cops, so she advised Rockafellow to "shut the fuck up." He called her a "bitch," which enraged her so much that she slapped him in the face, court records state. Rockafellow laughed, pissing her off even further.

Quinnett stormed to a bedroom and got the handgun she kept under a pillow. She put the muzzle to Rockafellow's temple and asked "now are you gonna shut your fuckin' mouth?"

Quinnett then answered her own question by pulling the trigger, killing Rockafellow. She told officers that she expected to see more blood "like something out of CSI," records state.

Police arrested Quinnett and are seeking second-degree murder charges. She's being held in Maricopa County jail without bond.

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