Rabid Bobcat Attacks Pinal County Man; It's the Lamest Rabid Bobcat Story We've Heard in More Than a Year

It's rare that a story about a rabid bobcat attacking a human being could ever be considered lame, but given Arizona's recent history with these foamy-mouthed felines, the latest tale is a bit of a yawner.

We all remember the rabid bobcat that burst into a Cottonwood bar in March 2009 and attacked two people. And of course there's the story of the Yavapai County man who used his "death grip" to kill a rabid bobcat that attacked him in his own front yard.

The latest attack seems to lack a certain pizzazz to which Arizonans have become accustomed.

Pinal County health officials have issued a rabies advisory after a Mammoth man was attacked by a bobcat that was found to be rabid.

Authorities say an unidentified man was attacked by a bobcat in his backyard after the cat lunged from underneath his car and bit and scratched him.

The bobcat escaped but got into a minor scuffle with a dog a few blocks from the scene of the attack on the man.

Another Mammoth resident heard the scuffle and responded by shooting and killing the bobcat.

It was determined yesterday by Arizona public health officials that the cat was infected with rabies.

The victim of the attack suffered several bite and scratch wounds but is expected to be okay.

This is the sixth animal infected with rabies identified in Pinal County so far this year.

County officials urge residents to have their pets vaccinated against the disease.

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