Rachel Alexander, Blogger and Andrew Thomas Acolyte, Denies Writing Anti-Horne Articles

One of the masked brokeback mountaineers at the Sonoran Alliance blog, Cincinnatus, has become something of a burr under state schools chief Tom Horne's saddle. Horne, who is running for state attorney general, even took the time to reply to one of Cincinnatus' articles (though he wouldn't return a recent call from New Times).

So who is Cincinnatus and does he or she work for Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, who also reportedly aspires to be Arizona's top cop? More importantly to taxpayers, are these anti-Horne attacks being written by a county employee on county time?

Commenters to the SA site claim Cincinnatus is Rachel Alexander, a right-wing blogger who works under Thomas. She denies (and denies) the allegation. Even Shane Wikfors, the guy behind SA, felt compelled to help her deny it. We have no idea whether they're telling the truth or not, but we do often wonder:

What the hell does Rachel Alexander do all day at the county attorney's office, anyway?

She doesn't prosecute cases, apparently. As far as we can tell, all she does is blog.

Wikfors' comment seems to leave open the possibility that Alexander does post anonymously on his site, though under a different fake name:

I don't normally confirm or deny the identities of my pseudonym bloggers here on Sonoran Alliance but seeing a defamation lawsuit in the works, the only thing I will say is that Rachel Alexander does not post on Sonoran Alliance under the pseudonym "Cincinnatus."

We're not sure who would kick off that lawsuit, but we doubt it'll be Alexander, since her own anonymous writings might be exposed in the process.

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