Rachel Alexander Stumps for J.D. Hayworth on Facebook, Writes That "McCain Mafia" is Threatening Her Political Career

Rachel Alexander -- stumping for J.D. Hayworth -- has been complaining on Facebook that Senator John McCain's people are threatening her and trying to ruin her political career.

But, um, wasn't trying to ruin political careers her specialty when she worked for former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas?

Alexander was the former deputy county attorney heading up a racketeering lawsuit against county supervisors, judges, and other elected officials for their alleged involvement in a complex criminal conspiracy. Thomas later dismissed the lawsuits.

Alexander posted this on her Facebook Wall:

"So I've now had my political career threatened (extortion? blackmail?) 3 times by McCain's people. It's not going to stop me, worst case scenario I'm blacklisted from politics and must return to law or technical support ... He's been doing this for years and it must be stopped!"

For her efforts, she gets a series of "amen[s]"' from her Facebook friends who said they experienced similar threats from the thugs at McCain's camp.

She wasn't clear on the threats to blacklist her from politics -- or who made the threats -- until Facebook friend Brandon Schmoll piped in: "What were the threats, and by who? This is the first I've heard of this."

"The threats generally consist of "if you work for so-and-so or against McCain, we'll make sure you're blacklisted in politics in the future, or that politician you're friends with/work for will be blacklisted/won't receive big GOP money. It was very difficult finding people to work on JD's campaign, because McCain's people have threatened so many people. It's sad and telling that the only way McCain stays in power is by threatening everyone else from working against him. No wonder JD refers to him as the 'McCain mafia.'"

Well, that sort of vagueness isn't really going to get people shaking in their boots or rethinking their strong-arm tactics.

She heads up a reputation-ruining lawsuit against a host of elected officials and judges who ruled against her then-boss Thomas in an attempt to serve his political needs, and now she wants to exclaim that such political threats "must stop!"

Well, at least she has a Plan B if politics don't work out: Go back to law or technical support. Or, who knows, maybe Hayworth can help make her an informercial star or help her get her hands on some "free government money" 

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