Rachel Brock
Rachel Brock

Rachel Brock, Daughter of County Supervisor, Released From Jail -- But That Doesn't Mean She's Off the Hook, County Attorney's Office Says

Rachel Brock, the 21-year-old daughter of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock, was released from jail on Friday, two days after being arrested for allegedly having a sexual relationship with the same minor her mother, Susan Brock, is accused of molesting.

If you're not familiar with the Brock family's twisted affair, click here.

A judge ruled last Thursday that Brock was not to be released from jail because some of the crimes alleged against her are non-bondable offenses. However, the Pinal County Attorney's Office tells New Times, charges against the younger Brock were not filed by the Chandler Police Department within 48 hours of her arrest, which, by law, forced authorities to release her.

Pinal County Attorney's Office spokeswoman Heather Murphy says Chandler cops aren't to blame for the release. Rather, she says, the department asked for time to gather more evidence before filing formal charges in order to provide the state with the most solid case possible, should Brock go to trial.

The arrest occurring the day before New Year's Eve didn't help, either, Murphy adds, because  many of the agencies involved were short staffed as a result of the holiday weekend.

Brock, 21, was booked last week on suspicion of three counts of sexual conduct with minor and one count of transmitting obscene material to a minor for allegedly giving blowjobs to a then-13-year-old boy. That boy, it just so happens, is the same boy Brock's mother, Susan Brock, is accused of molesting from the time he was 14 until he was 17.

"I have filed to divorce my wife. I cannot divorce my daughter," Supervisor Fulton Brock said in a statement last week. "She is my blood. I will always be her Dad. And she needs one now more than ever."

Murphy says Brock's release is not uncommon and assures us the case is still very active. She says Brock could potentially be rearrested once the formal charges are filed.

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