Rachel Maddow Delves Into Russell Pearce's Supremacist Connections, and Mexico Warns the Arizona-Bound

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Kudos to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow for doing the above segment on the ideological underpinnings and supremacist associations of state Senator Russell Pearce, "author" of Arizona's new law codifying racial profiling. I use that word "author" in quotes, because if you've ever talked with Pearce, you know the guy can barely speak English properly himself, much write in complete sentences.

He needed help -- lots of it. And he got it from nativist-extremist attorney Kris Kobach, you know, the guy Sheriff Joe Arpaio's been paying $300 per hour of taxpayers' money to train MCSO goons in immigration law. Kobach works for the legal arm of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a nativist hate group, which is similarly claiming credit for taking the crayons away from Pearce and writing the law for him.

Maddow also discovers the neo-Nazi e-mail Pearce sent out in 2006, and regales viewers with a pic of Russell Pearce and East Valley neo-Nazi J.T. Ready practically snuggling at a 2007 anti-immigrant rally, and Ready at a National Socialist Movement event in Omaha, Nebraska. Maddow got the photos off my Web site, and believe me, it gives me immense pleasure to know that she did.

In other SB 1070-related news, the Mexican government has issued a travel advisory to its citizens straying into the Land Time Forgot, aka, Hillbilly Country, aka White Trash Heaven, aka Arizona. Writes the travel Web site PeterGreenberg.com,

"Mexico's Foreign Relations Department is warning Mexican visitors that because of the `adverse political environment' in Arizona, Mexican visitors including migrant communities should be cautious when visiting the state."

I'd also advise them not to drink the water, particularly after Pearce has taken a sip. Bigotry can be contagious. 

Does this put Arizona on par with a Third World Country? Not yet. That's coming after a national and international boycott hits the state, after which, you may thank Pearce and his nativist pals at FAIR for the state turning into a Sand Land version of Bangladesh.

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