Racist Chants By Southern Mississippi Band Costs Five Of `EmTheir Scholarships,

We wrote last week about our weird experience watching (on TV) an NCAA first-round tournament game between Southern Mississippi and Kansas State.

t was memorable only for the chants that came from the Southern Miss pep band as KSU player Angel Rodriguez stepped to the line to attempt two foul shots.

As Rodriguez, a native of Puerto Rico, prepared to shoot, we heard several band members saying (loudly) in unison, "Where's your green card? Where's your green card?"

A truly WTF moment.

Rodriguez hit both free throws, en route to his team's tight win. He was a gentleman after the game when asked about the incident, saying that the hecklers were the minority (pun probably not intended).

The slurs soon went viral.  


Turns out that the school, Southern Miss that is, has revoked the scholarships of five band members and kicked them off the team--by which we mean the band.

Thank God that the cameras were there to capture the moment. We figure that the busted little racists might want to move over to Arizona, where the about-to-be-ratified state militia might have a place for them.

The students also were ordered to complete a two-hour "cultural sensitivity training" session this week.

Now that's the ticket!

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