Rafael Chavez Raped a Stranger...Then Gave Her His Phone Number

We don't condone rape in any way, shape, or form. That said, if you're enough of a scumbag to have sex with someone against their will, do yourself a favor and don't give that person your phone number afterwards.

Just ask 21-year-old Rafael Chavez, who, after raping a woman in Chandler earlier this month, gave her his phone number -- which ultimately is how he was caught.

According to court records obtained by New Times, on January 14, at about 1:30 a.m., Chavez, while driving his car, approached a woman he'd never met before as she was walking in an alley behind her house. He asked her how she was doing and offered her a lift, which she declined.

Chavez -- who admittedly was under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine at the time -- wasn't taking no for an answer; he got out of his car, put the woman in a bear-hug, and pushed her up against a wall while attempting to kiss her.

He then pushed her into his vehicle -- a tan Honda Civic -- and drove off.

The victim later told police that she didn't scream or fight Chavez's advances because she was scared.

Chavez took the woman to an alley behind a Kentucky Fried Chicken at 655 North Arizona Avenue in Chandler, which is where he asked her to give him a blowjob. She declined.

So, Chavez climbed on top of the woman as she sat in the passenger seat of his car, removed her pants and underwear, and raped her -- as she repeatedly told him to stop.

When he was done, he pulled up his pants and drove her back to the alley where he'd found her.

Before dropping off the victim, Chavez gave her his phone -- apparently thinking she might be interested in future sexual trysts.

The victim got out of Chavez's car and called police.

As she was waiting for police, the victim called the number Chavez had given her to see if her rapist really was dumb enough to give her his real phone number. Apparently, he was -- the victim identified the voice in the voice-mail message as Chavez, the man who had just raped her.

Police also were able to link the number to Chavez -- it being his real phone number, and all.

Chavez was arrested at his Chandler home yesterday afternoon. He was identified by the victim as the attacker.

While talking with detectives, Chavez told them he had broken up with his girlfriend on the night of the attack. He said he'd done some cocaine, gotten drunk, and smoked weed before going for a drive -- and assaulting the victim.

Chavez told detectives he was upset about the break up, saw the victim, and thought she was attractive and wanted to have sex with her.

Chavez admitted that the woman refused to perform oral sex on him, so he took off her pants and raped her -- as she repeatedly told him to stop.

Chavez was booked into a Maricopa County jail on one count each of sexual assault and kidnapping.

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