Raising Sextuplets Star Cops to Threatening Wife

The star of the We Network's family reality TV show, Raising Sextuplets, was in a Yavapai County courtroom this morning, where he pleaded guilty to a pair of charges stemming from a September outburst, in which he threatened his wife.

Bryan Masche, the 32-year-old father of six featured on the show Raising Sextuplets, accepted a plea deal that will keep him out of jail -- if he behaves himself for the next year, that is.

Masche copped to two misdemeanor counts of threatening and intimidating, along with disorderly conduct. Sentencing has been delayed for 12 months. In that time, Masche must not break the law, successfully complete domestic violence counseling, and take 10 hours of parenting classes.

If Masche can behave himself, the charges will be dismissed.

During the September tirade, Masche, using profanities, started screaming at his wife, Jenne Masche, until her father called the cops.

Masche, his wife, and their six kids currently live in Florida but were in Camp Verde visiting family when Masche apparently went off the deep end.

Cops responded to the father-in-law's call, but Masche didn't go quietly.

Masche told officers he "didn't do anything," according to the police report. Then, when police tried to take him into custody, he "locked and held his arms in front of his body in a manner to prevent them from behind secured."

Cops threatened Masche with a Taser. He calmed down and allowed officers to take him into custody.

Masche was taken to jail, where cops snapped the above photo of him sportin' that shit-eatin- grin.

Get all the details on Masche's outburst here.

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