Rasmussen Poll: Terry Goddard Gaining Ground. And a Bit on Jan Brewer's "Child Health Day"

Conservative pollster Scott Rasmussen has released his latest poll on the Arizona governor's race and Democratic candidate Terry Goddard has gained a little (very little) ground.

Rasmussen loves two things: push polls and seeing his name in the paper, so we take his polls with a healthy serving of salt.

That said, Rasmussen's latest poll shows Goddard's gained a single percentage point since a similar poll was conducted last month.

At the moment, this is how the race looks, according to Rasmussen:

- Brewer: 55 percent.

- Goddard: 39 percent.

- Other candidate: 3 percent.

- Undecided: 3 percent.

In the poll taken last month, right after Brewer's epic moment of silence in the gubernatorial debate (which you can see here), Brewer led the race with 60 percent of the vote to Goddard's 38 percent.

Since the debate, Brewer's been almost silent, probably because the best way for her to blow her comfortable lead is by opening her mouth. She's refused to debate Goddard again -- for obvious reasons -- and has stayed out of the headlines as much as possible.

Then yesterday happened.

Brewer declared yesterday "Arizona Child Health Day," which was instantly criticized by just about everyone who knows anything about the cuts Brewer's made to state-run child health programs like KidsCare.

Arizona Republic columnist E.J. Montini hit the nail on the head by comparing Brewer's declaration to Lindsay Lohan declaring Drug Free Day, or Mel Gibson declaring Ethnic Tolerance Day.

Further in his column, Montini suggests the governor resign. Not a bad suggestion.   

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.