If Twitter Numbers Counted, @RealSheriffJoe Would Be an Easy Winner in Senate Race

Mr. Social Media himself, former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has declared himself the front-runner in the race for Arizona's open seat in the U.S. Senate.

What poll is he using?


"Facts we will share the facts ..." Arpaio's team tweeted on Monday, August 20. "Let you be the judge. @RepMcSally and @MarthaMcSally has substantially less numbers of twitter followers than @RealSheriffJoe."

Okay, it should be "fewer" but who wants to quibble about grammar? 

Still, Old Joe's math is accurate. He has 101,000 followers; McSally's two accounts total just over 32,400. In fact, Dr. Kelli Ward, @kelliwardaz, is currently second in the Twitter poll with 75,000 followers. However, McSally and Ward's accounts are verified. Arpaio's is not, which means two-thirds of his followers could be from North Korea.

On the Democratic side, Kyrsten Sinema has about 65,000 followers in her combined accounts.

Why should any of this matter?

Maybe because this country is run by the Tweeter in Chief.

"@POTUS @realDonaldTrump knows who is winning this Primary," Arpaio's tweet continued. "... the Arizonans will go to D.C. w/Arpaio."

We should note that Sheriff Joe cost himself at least one Twitter vote by blocking Phoenix New Times from following him. But we'll keep reporting from cyberspace anyway.

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