Reason No. 1 Million to Sign the Joe Arpaio Recall Petition: His Dumb Fans

A voicemail left on our phone this morning from the racist individual who comments on New Times' blogs with the handle "Joe Arpaio Fan" is the millionth reason (that's an estimate) people should sign the petition to recall the elderly sheriff.

Of course, a federal judge's ruling last week stating that Arpaio's office racially profiles Latinos is a better reason to sign the petition, but if you needed just one more reason, "Joe Arpaio Fan" has it.

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"Hey, what's up, this is 'Joe Arpaio Fan,' where ya at man?" the voicemail says. "I'm over here at yer, yer, what you called some super-duper event, and all I see is a bunch of idiots over here downtown on 3rd and Jefferson. A bunch of misguided idiots. Where you guys at? I guess it's not important, huh? All right."

This "super-duper event" is an apparent reference to "Camp Recall Arpaio," where members of Respect Arizona are trying to get the remaining signatures needed to force a recall election.

The deadline to turn in signatures is two days away, and organizers said over the weekend they needed fewer than 100,000 signatures to get to 335,317 signatures, the total needed.

A little more presence from "Joe Arpaio Fan" couldn't be anything but helpful to the recall effort.

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