Reebok Spokeswoman Says Rapper Kid Cudi Spoiled "Wonderful" Scottsdale Event With Allen Iverson

It seems any publicity isn't always good publicity.

Kid Cudi's bad behavior at Canal restaurant in Scottsdale on Saturday spoiled an otherwise great All-Star game event with NBA star Allen Iverson, says a spokeswoman for Reebok who didn't want her name used.

"It's unfortunate that the action of one person ... has taken over ink space that should have been reserved for how wonderful the event was," says the woman, who works for a New York City public relations firm. "It's unfortunate that it's gotten a ton of play on the blogosphere."

Reebok and Allen Iverson (the Pistons player in red Reeboks pictured below) sponsored the event to play up Iverson's 13-year partnership with the shoe company.



Kid Cudi and another rapper had been scheduled to perform at about midnight at the event, but a scuffle broke out at about 11 p.m. between Cudi and some security guards. One of the guards used a Taser on Cudi before the wanna-be rap star jumped in his ride and motored off.

Cudi, who appears in Kanye West's latest video, "Welcome to Heartbreak," was being paid by Reebok to perform and -- go figure -- wear Reeboks.

The young rapper showed up to Canal wearing the same kind of Reeboks (pictured) that Kanye West promoted -- for free, says the spokeswoman -- on West's blog site.

In his own blog, Cudi called the shoes "the most fugliest Reeboks ever."

So much for Cudi's future with Reebok.


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