Registered Sex Offender Joe Robbins Just Couldn't Fight "the Urge" to Feel Up 12-Year-Old Girl

Registered sex offender Joe Robbins just couldn't fight "the urge" -- to feel up his 12-year-old neighbor at a Peoria trailer park.

After admitting to fondling the girl in front of her 14-year-old sister, Robbins told police he had gulped a few drinks before the incident. He said he felt the urge to touch the girl, but didn't mean to actually reach out and put his hands on her.


According to court documents obtained by New Times, on Saturday, the victim and her sister went to Robbins' neighboring trailer to ask him about a truck he was selling to their older sister.

Once inside, Robbins asked them to kiss and have sex with each other -- a request the girls refused.

But Robbins tried again -- he approached the 12-year-old in his kitchen and put his hand on her breast. When she moved into the living room, he followed and did it again.

The two girls left the trailer and ran home to tell their mother what happened. She told the girls not to go over to Robbins' place anymore and was planning on telling him to stay away from her kids the following day. The family had known the convicted pederast for several months, but had no idea at the time of the alleged abuse that he was a resistered sex offender.

The following day, administrators at the girl's school saw her with a knife and called police. The girl was vague about why she would carry a knife to school. She would only say that "Joe touched her" and that she wanted to kill herself.

Police spoke to the victim's mother and determined that "Joe" was the girl's 64-year-old neighbor.

During a confrontation call between the victim and Robbins, he apologized for the alleged groping. He told the girl he'd been up all night crying out of the guilt.

Robbins got popped later that day. He was taken to a Peoria police station, where he told cops he thought the girl was "well developed just like her sister and her mother" and that he wished the girls "never had gone to his house," according to the report.

He told police he wants to commit suicide because he has nothing more to live for.

Robbins was convicted of sexual assault in Colorado and went to prison there for more than a year. He was booked on Sunday here and is being held without bond.

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