Feathered Bastard

Renegade Santas Block Photo Enforcement Cameras in Tempe

This is the best Xmas gift ever!

This video is tailor made for the holiday blues: A secretive cadre of Kris Kringles who've labeled themselves "Santas Against 1984," are seen here "wrapping" photo enforcement cameras in Tempe.

Waving to passing cars as they go, they hit a photo enforcement camera at Rio Salado and McClintock, covering it with a beribboned box. Afterwards, these naughty St. Nicks head to Priest and 5th St., where they wrap the Redflex camera with colorful cloth. According to the video, two hours later, the second spot had yet to be uncovered! (In total, it seems as if three devices may have been hit at the two locations. Maybe someone out there knows better. If so, feel free to comment.)

Talk about paying it forward. These white-bearded revolutionaries have thus saved numerous motorists tres expensive traffic tickets. It's an Xmas gift you may never know you got.

"Ho Ho Ho! Death to the surveillance state!" declares the video, which just went up today. "Free movement for all people!"

I think this may be the first time I've seen the Orwellian Redflex cameras linked to the border wall. It's a good point, as both are part of the militarization and creeping authoritarianism in our society. The video is even more explicit when it states that Santa will be giving, "Lumps of coal to all those who make it their business to watch and control. From the border wall to the freeway and redlight cameras."

This is, in fact, the classic libertarian point of view, and it is certainly one I can endorse. I hope there are more satirical acts of nonviolent resistance planned. Neither property nor persons are harmed in such actions. After all, if the contracted process servers for these Redflex tickets are dressing as UPS delivery guys, as has happened in at least one case that I know of, folks should be able to fight back against our Redflex oppressors wearing Santa outfits.

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