Repeat Performance

Three New Times staffers are finalists for the top awards given by the state's largest media organization, the Arizona Press Club.

If the previous sentence inspires a feeling of deja vu, there is good reason. All three staffers were finalists for the Press Club's highest honors last year.

Staff photographer Timothy Archibald is a finalist for the club's Photographer of the Year award. Archibald, 28, has worked for New Times for three years. He received the Photographer of the Year award for his work in 1994.

Other finalists for the top photography award are Peter Schwepker and Randy Reid, both staff photographers at the Arizona Republic/Phoenix Gazette.

New Times staff writers Paul Rubin and John Dougherty are finalists for the Press Club's Journalist of the Year honor, named after the late reporter Virg Hill. The third finalist is Arizona Republic/Phoenix Gazette reporter Kathleen Ingley. The three were also finalists last year, when Dougherty won the award and Rubin was runner-up.

Rubin, 45, has been with New Times for more than a decade. He was named Journalist of the Year in 1986, and has been a finalist five other times, for work done in 1988, 1990, 1992, 1994 and 1995.

Dougherty, 39, has been a New Times reporter for three years. He won Journalist of the Year awards for 1992 and 1994.

The winners of these and other Press Club awards--which honor outstanding achievements in journalism published during 1995--will be announced at the club's annual banquet on Saturday in Phoenix.

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