Hilyard Scott got ripped off -- after allegedly ripping off (and beating the crap out of) Representative Frank Pratt.
Hilyard Scott got ripped off -- after allegedly ripping off (and beating the crap out of) Representative Frank Pratt.

Representative Frank Pratt Assault Suspect Pawned Rolex for $900

Hilyard Scott, the dope arrested Tuesday in connection with the Christmas Day assault of state Representative Frank Pratt, may want to get a price check on the cost of a Rolex -- the dude pawned the one he allegedly stole from Pratt for 900 bucks.

A quick check of an online Rolex dealer, and Scott would have seen he was getting scammed -- the price of a new Rolex is about $12,000. But poor business sense seems to be the least of Scott's problems now -- after bragging to cops about committing the assault on Pratt, and all.

Scott was arrested on Tuesday for an unrelated -- although, very similar -- crime that occurred in roughly the same area as the assault on Pratt.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, after the beating, during which Scott allegedly beat Pratt in the head before hogtying him and stealing his Rolex and 2007 GMC Yukon, the suspect picked up his girlfriend and drove her to the Circle K Motel in Phoenix.

He told her about the beating and said he'd pawned the watch for $900 -- money the couple would live on for the next several days.

The two were arrested after Phoenix police were called to an abandoned vehicle at the hotel, which just happened to be Pratt's Yukon. The vehicle led police to the couple, who were arrested.

Inside the SUV were shoe prints similar to those found in the blood at the scene of Pratt's beating. Those prints matched the Reebok's Scott was wearing at the time of his arrest.

Once in custody, Scott made statements that placed him at the scene of the crime. He told police that the victim (Pratt) appeared to be a rich man. Then, he told cops later, the "temperature" of his encounter with the representative changed, although, he would not give specifics as to what changed the "temperature."

Scott never specifically admitted to beating Pratt, but while being fingerprinted by the Phoenix P.D., the dumbass bragged to officers "did you watch the news? Do you know what crime I committed?"

Scott's been charged with aggravated assault and robbery for the unrelated robbery. Similar charges are expected for the Pratt beating.


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