Feathered Bastard

Republicans for Dan Saban, and Arpaio's Stooge Captain Joel Fox (JUST ADDED: Bonus mini-doc on the spreading scandal).

MCSO Captain Joel Fox, the man behind SCA...

I barely have time to breathe, boys and girls, but I would be remiss if I did not offer up these bagatelles for your amusement, courtesy of the PHX's bad-boy of the left Dennis Gilman. The first is culled from a recent Maricopa County Board of Supervisors' meeting, showing Captain Joel Fox of the MCSO, the "spokesperson" -- according to AZ GOP chairman Randy Pullen for SCA, the shadowy group behind a $105K contribution to the Republicans, which purportedly helped fund those sleazy ads bashing Dan Saban. According to recent reports, the Republicans have been forced to cough up the cash and return it to its source. Is Fox Arpaio's bagman? His G. Gordon Liddy, if you will? Time will tell if this is truly Arpaio's Watergate. Maybe even his Waterloo.

To Joe's chagrin, a parade of GOPers for Saban...

Second is an excellent little video demonstrating why Dan Saban has more than a fighting chance versus our corrupt top cop on November 4: A parade of Republicans who're sick of Sheriff Joe. They, along with outraged Hispanics and mobilized Dems could be the reasons why Arpaio and his chief henchman David Hendershott are scouring maps of Honduras and plotting their getaway. Ya never know, we may see the poltroonish pair in pink underwear yet!

UPDATE: Dennis "the Liberal Menace" Gilman has just added the mini-doc below to his smorgasbord of video sarcasm. The subject? Arpaio's Watergate-Waterloo; i.e., the spreading SCA-Joel Fox scandal. Excellent stuff. Someone should give Gilman a freakin' trophy for this one.

Gilman's new mini-doc on the spreading SCA scandal.

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