Resident Evil: Supporters of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean show their true colors.

Supporters of convicted Border Patrol Agents Ignacio "Nacho" Ramos and Jose Compean often tout the case as a miscarriage of justice, an instance where two true-blue BPAs ended up the victims of an overzealous prosecutor. As I stated in my recent Bird column "Anti-Heroes," it's obvious from the transcripts of their trial that R&C are guilty of shooting an unarmed marijuana smuggler in the ass as he was fleeing them, and of covering it up. But at the bottom of the arguments in their favor is not a disagreement over facts. Instead, many nativists really believe that there's nothing wrong with shooting unarmed illegals, especially if they happen to be transporting some wacky weed. Check out the comments below from Yahoo's closebordersgroup. They come from a thread that began by commenting on my column, and you can see that their foaming-at-the-mouth rants prove my point.

Not everyone in the thread is as bonkers as these moon units. But about 99% are certifiable. Other threads on the closebordersgroup include: "Hispanic students leaving Tulsa area schools ** WHOOPEE**"; "Alan Keys for President"; and "taser ban for illegals," wherein one writer suggests, "When you taser the ILLEGALS..... MAKE DAMN SURE THEY ARE IN WATER!!!!!!"

A nastier little right-wing hornets nest would be hard to imagine. Thanks to a colleague for tipping me off.

From donnamags44:

"They should have killed the bastard and left him for the critters to feast on. Just think--one dirty, sleazy, filthy, vile drug smuggler from Mexico has caused so much pain and suffering for not only the two fine BP Agents, but their families as well. How many American tax dollars? A butt shot was good, but one to the head would have been much better."

From velvetmischief:

"I'm surprised this sleazebag drug runner is still alive and someone hasn't popped him in the head yet - or knifed him - or used an Asian star on him - or a nice poison arrow....

From bug_way_ji:

"Frankly, the aim should have been a foot higher and the world would have been a better place for the future children that he'll still be plying his drugs on."

From marcidye:

"People like him does not deserve to live, people dye from the drugs he has brought across our borders."

From Kmart:

"You're taking the side of the smugglers, the criminals, and the narco-terroristas, and frankly I dont give a rat's ass if some filthy Mexican criminal gets his ass blown away."

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