Reverend Jarrett Maupin Endorses Laura Pastor for District 4 Council Seat

The last time Laura Pastor ran for a seat on the Phoenix City Council, Reverend Jarrett Maupin tossed his support at her opponent.

The local civil rights activist isn't making that mistake again.

He's endorsed Laura Pastor for the District 4 seat on the Phoenix City Council, citing her deep ties to the diverse neighborhoods in the district.

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He, along with Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, are choosing Pastor over her opponent Justin Johnson.

"District Four needs Pastor!" Maupin says. "[It] has a unique set of challenges. Laura knows that job creation, expanding public transportation, public safety, and neighborhood revitalization/stabilization are priorities for the voters of her district."

He says that she's "an intelligent, resourceful, hit the ground running kind of woman of color and we need her voice, vision, and values on the Phoenix City Council."

Catherine Alonzo, a spokeswoman for the Pastor campaign, says that such a "broad coalition of community support" will underpin her hard work and successes as a City Councilwoman.

"We welcome the commitment and encouragement of everyone in the effort to build a brighter future for our city," she says.

Others who have announced their support of Pastor since the August primary election are the Arizona Police Association, Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, Senator Katie Hobbs, Senator Anna Tovar, Representative Lela Alston and Representative Debbie McCune Davis.

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