Richard Carmona Raised a Large Sum of American Dollars Last Week

It was just a couple weeks ago that Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Richard Carmona's campaign was boasting about raising $51,000 in his bid to upset Republican Congressman Jeff Flake.

That had been Carmona's biggest haul of U.S. currency in one week, until now -- Carmona's campaign says they took in more than $162,000.

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In August, campaign-finance forms showed Carmona had actually passed Flake in the amount of cash on hand, after Flake had to spend a buck or two against Wil Cardon in a primary race. Cardon ended up spending millions of dollars to get his own ass handed to him by Flake, which is still hilarious. Carmona won approximately 100 percent of the vote in his primary, since no one ran against him.

Now, despite Flake being the brand-name around Arizona -- and despite all of the largely irrelevant drama surrounding both candidates -- it appears that Carmona has a bit of momentum in the cash and polls departments.

The most recent polls in the race show Flake up between 1 and 6 percentage points, leading Real Clear Politics to call it a "toss up." That's a bit different than how the race looked earlier:

Notice that Carmona hasn't actually led a single one of these polls, but hey, the U.S. men's hockey team wasn't supposed to win anything at the 1980 Winter Olympics either.

As far as Carmona's new pile of money is concerned, the campaign took in $162,667.34 from 2,279 people over the course of the week.

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