Rick Romley's "Career Highlights" List on 3TV Includes Loss of Legs

Newly appointed Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley has certainly enjoyed plenty of career high points -- from his service as a Marine to his 16 years as the county's top prosecutor.

But that's apparently not enough for the crackerjack news team at KTVK's 3TV. In an otherwise unremarkable report about Romley's return to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office on Friday, the station presented a brief list of Romley's "career highlights" -- and, strangely, included in it "lost both legs."

Now, we'd certainly agree that Romley's service to his country was a career highlight. And having the sheer will to fight back from a war injury that removed both legs above the knee is something worth bragging about, too.

But naming the loss itself a career highlight? Can't say we -- or Romley -- find that too fitting. You can read Paul Rubin's description of the incident in question here, and trust us: when it comes to career highlights, we'd much rather be given the ol' "employee of the month" award than be forced to endure an exploding land mine.

But since we're being all positive and all, why not apply the "highlight" standard to people who've fought back from all manner of great losses? Who wouldn't love to see Romley's successor/predecessor's "Career Highlight" list, done 3TV style?

Andrew Thomas' highlights surely include "excoriated by fellow Republican for abuse of power" and "lost every high-profile case he brought."

But if 3TV can make a double-amputation sound like a highlight, well, surely it can do something about Thomas' utter failure on the RICO suit front, too, right?

Ummm, right?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.