Maricopa County Craziness

Rick Romley's List of Recent Firings Includes Andrew Thomas' Brother-in-Law; Thomas' Blogger, Rachel Alexander, Resigned Last Week


Interim Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley released a list the folks at his office who were "let go" in the wake of Andrew Thomas' resignation.

*Miguel Martinez, Thomas' brother in law, hired by Thomas despite not being a lawyer. Supposedly, he worked as a "community liaison."

*Phil MacDonnell, Thomas' No. 2 man, who's last day is today.

*Barnett Lotstein, who's quick departure was noted in this blog last week. Lotstein was a top aide under both Thomas and Romley, but had a falling out with his former boss. He was recently down at the State Capitol with a button supporting Thomas' bid for state Attorney General.

*Mike Scerbo, Thomas' public information officer and a former news director at KTAR.

*Keith Mayer, described by Romley's office as "a friend of Andy's from prior employment."

Another high-profile figure in the Thomas regime, Rachel Alexander, resigned last week before her probable firing. Alexander was Thomas' personal blogger, far as we could tell.

When she took over the RICO lawsuit filed against county leaders by Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, it seemed like either a joke or an acknowledgment that the lawsuit was going nowhere. Two months later, Thomas and Arpaio dropped their lawsuit in a shamefully untruthful way.

Alexander is now working for J.D. Hayworth's campaign for U.S. Senate against John McCain, (which she's already been doing a bit of while collecting her county paycheck, judging by her Twitter account. Check out her mid-workday tweets about Hayworth's race). Pimping the former sportscaster and Congressman is something she's wanted to do for a while, but Thomas reportedly wouldn't let her

A staffer at the Hayworth campaign in Phoenix says Alexander, also a blogger for Intellectual Conservative, will be based out of Hayworth's Tucson office and reports to the campaign manager, David Payne. She'll be "doing social media" for the campaign, says the staffer.

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