Feathered Bastard

Rim Country Crackpot Sylvia Allen Wants to Deny the Public Access to Public Meetings

Like a bad case of shingles, dealing with Rim Country crackpot and state Senator Sylvia Allen is both painful and seemingly without cure.

In 2012, in the wake of redistricting, Allen chickened out of a run in a newly-drawn Legislative District 6, following a poll's showing her with a 22 percent approval rating.

So the crazy cat lady-lookalike, best known for her unhinged pronouncements about the world being only 6,000 years old, trees causing drought, and "chemtrails" poisoning the atmosphere, decided to run instead for a seat on the Navajo County Board of Supervisors, which she did successfully.

I was hopeful Allen would fade into obscurity. But some nuts are hard to crack, and Allen's practically a fossilized macadamia.

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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