RNC 2012: The Seven Craziest GOP Souvenirs at the Republican National Convention

Photo by Victor Gonzalez
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Tampa's rich with GOP swag this week as thousands of Republicans gather to show off their favorite Mitt Romney mementos and Paul Ryan.

Seemingly everyone on the convention floor not representing a news agency or branch of law enforcement is rocking some piece of GOP-centric clothing and/or accessory. Much like the knick-knacks you might find at a roadside souvenir stand in Central Florida, a lot of the elephant party's gear is cheaply designed and remarkably unflattering.

But so what? Tacky is Florida's middle name. Check out some of the GOP swag our colleagues at the Miami New Times spotted in Tampa on the first full day of the Republican National Convention.

Photo by Victor Gonzalez
It's not a butt hole tattoo, but it'll do. And somewhere at the RNC, Geraldo Rivera's shaking his head; he's not fond of tattooed ladies.

Photo by Jacob Katel
The commemorative laniard was obviously not enough for this man. He picked up two Mitt Romney coffee mugs (note Mormons, like the Romneys, don't drink coffee) and at least one polo shirt at the RNC store.

Photo by Jacob Katel
A late '80s, early '90s throwback, snap bracelets remind folks at the RNC of a time when Republicans controlled the White House.

Photo by Jacob Katel
Nothing screams conservatism louder than a bunch of pins and bejeweled t-shirt pattern.

Photo by Victor Gonzalez
Everything's bigger in Texas, including state flag-isnpired western wear and cowboys hats. But what's he looking at?

Photo by Jacob Katel
Must be that Romney/Ryan graphic tee, this campaign season's hottest must-have item.

Photo by Jacob Katel
This patriot's wears his XXL oath to defend the Constitution of the United States on his back. But it must be heavy; he's sweating profusely.

-- Victor Gonzalez

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