Rodney Glassman and Wackjob "Progressives" Slammed by Three Sonorans

A little reminder, for those SCs inclined to vote for Rodney

Rodney Glassman, reaching out to the Tea Party

David Abie Morales of Three Sonorans fame has written a hard-hitting opinion piece on how erstwhile U.S. Senate candidate and trust-fund baby Rodney Glassman is messing up the party of LBJ, JFK and FDR in this state.

Morales also takes aim at out-of-touch Democratic "progressives" who'd rather kvetch about parliamentary procedure than get someone in the Arizona Democratic Party chair position who can revive the nearly-moribund Sand Land donkey. You know, like ex-state treasurer candidate Andrei Cherny.

Morales observes that one rationale for a proposed delay in the vote -- suggested yesterday by ex-Attorney General Terry Goddard and Congressman Raul Grijalva -- has been the threat of  Glassman or some rule-obsessed wackadoodle Dem challenging Cherny all the way to the Democratic National Committee, out of spite, if nothing else. (Or worse, filing a divisive and time-consuming lawsuit. One doomed to fail, I might add.)

Thing is, the Goddard-Grijalva compromise deal, which I blogged about yesterday, is now off, because of Glassman's treachery, as Mitch at Arizona Politics correctly points out.

In any case, Morales' trenchant post deserves reading, because of the chaos expected tomorrow. It reads, in part,

You know what argument these Glassman supporters are using? Basically it's what Latinos hear all the time.

Illegal is illegal. What part of illegal don't you understand?

Cherny is illegal/ineligible... rules rules rules... privilege privilege privilege... energy spent on small things that don't affect the masses.

It's not like we are appointing a Republican here. It's Andrei Cherny, the dude that brought Bill Clinton to Arizona for a fundraiser!

The former chair of LD14.

So as the Democrats get on a high horse and make these "illegal is illegal" arguments against Cherny, Latinos and real progressives continue to look in disgust at the privilege inside the Party, and wonder if it is even worth it to get involved and try to make a change?

Real people and real families are under attack, and yet the moral arguments only come out for a state chair election?

I want to hear these people stand up and preach in the same manner against the Republicans in this state!

Here, here. Morales makes a valid point. He also predicts that if Glassman wins, "you will see more Independents than Republicans even as Democrats switch parties."

Granted, Morales despises Glassman, but not without good reason. Tucsonans like Morales know more about Glassman. Their negative opinions of him have developed as a result of that knowledge.

If the Cherny vs. Glassman campaign comes down to a squabble over the rules, it will only further alienate those inclined to vote for Democrats, and those who don't go to the polls because of their cynicism regarding both parties.

Morales posted a video slamming Glassman for reaching out to the Tea Baggers (a ludicrous move if there ever was one). More damning, I think, is Glassman's idiotic, clownish "Sweet Home Arizona" video. So I've re-posted that above.

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