Rodney Glassman Names Political Fossils Rose Mofford and Dennis DeConcini to Chair His Probable Senate Campaign

With John McCain and J.D. Hayworth engaged in an all-out war for the Republican nomination for Senate, you may have forgotten that at some point one of them will have to run against a Democrat.

That Democrat is likely to be Tucson Vice Mayor Rodney Glassman, who announced today that two dinosaurs of Arizona politics will join forces to chair his campaign, assuming he ever commits to run.

Glassman hasn't officially announced his candidacy yet but his exploratory committee announced today that former Arizona Governor Rose Mofford, now 87, and former U.S. Senator Dennis DeConcini, 72, will co-chair his campaign.

"I'm honored that two giants of Arizona politics have offered their help," Glassman says. "I know folks have been waiting to know my intentions, and I promise a decision is coming soon."

Considering that between them, Mofford and DeConcini are 159 years old, the move seems like more of a symbolic gesture than anything else, but DeConcini's rise to the Senate came in almost the same manner that Glassman's would -- if he ever actually formerlyannounces his candidacy and then beats either McCain or Hayworth.

DeConcini was elected to the Senate after beating Republican Sam Steiger in the general election in 1976.

At the time of the general election, Steiger had just won a bitter GOP primary with John Conlan.

The primary was ruthless, with each candidate trying to prove that he was the most conservative -- much like the battle currently being waged between McCain and Hayworth.

During the primary, Conlan asked voters if they wanted "a Jew from New York telling Arizona what to do."

As it turned out, the primary split the party and allowed DeConcini to sneak into the Senate, where he went on to serve three terms.

While neither McCain nor Hayworth has deliverd a blow that smarmy, the primary is becoming increasingly bitter and could potentially split the state Republican Party, allowing a virtual unknown like Glassman to sneak his way into the Senate.

Again -- assuming he ever commits to run.

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