Rodney Glassman Officially Enters U.S. Senate Race; Only Mentions John McCain in Announcement

​Rodney Glassman, the baby-faced former vice mayor of Tucson, officially entered the 2010 Senate race yesterday, after months of speculation that he would run.

Glassman resigned his post as vice mayor yesterday to run because of Arizona's resign-to-run law, and based on statements the new candidate is releasing to the media, he's calling the GOP Senate primary for John McCain.

The sub-head of a press release the campaign released yesterday says: "Rodney Glassman is officially running against John McCain for U.S. Senate."

Um, last time we checked J.D. Hayworth was still in the race for the GOP nomination, too, and much to the dismay of horse-humpers everywhere, he's not doing all that badly in the polls.

Glassman's assumptions continue:


"This was a very serious decision for me. As I traveled across Arizona, I heard a resounding message that John McCain has been in Washington so long that he's become part of the problem," Glassman says in the release.

"I am honored and humbled that so many Arizonans are asking me to run against a Washington, D.C. fixture like John McCain," Glassman says.

And there's more.

In a letter he sent to campaign staffers, Glassman thanked them for their support and went on to say, "My campaign team and my supporters understand that beating a lifelong U.S. Senator will not be easy."

We called Glassman's campaign to alert them to the fact that John McCain might not be the Republican nominee, and campaign spokeswoman Dawn Teo says the campaign is well aware.

"He'll go up against whoever the Republican nominee may be," Teo clarifies about her boss. "Everyone takes J.D. Hayworth seriously."

Everyone takes J.D. seriously, huh? After all the birther bullshit, and the man/horse nuptials, we find that a little hard to believe.

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