Rodney Glassman Solidifies Runaway Staff With New Campaign Manager

Rodney Glassman, the Democratic Senate candidate hoping to unseat Senator John McCain, has filled one of the several holes that were left in his campaign staff following the alleged "jumping ship" of three of his top aids.

The new kid on the block over at Glassman HQ is veteran Democratic strategist Bill Romjue -- whose most recent campaign was that of Andrew Romanoff, a former candidate in Colorado's Democratic primary for Senate who lost to incumbent Senator Michael Bennet.

Romjue has also done campaign work for Vice President Joe Biden, former Missouri congressman Richard Gephardt, and former U.S. senator -- and one-time presidential hopeful -- Gary Hart of Colorado. As you may recall, Hart's presidential ambition was sidelined due to some "Monkey Business."

In an e-mail, we asked Glassman's campaign spokesman why his last campaign manager, Patrick Mellody, hit the road -- with the hopes that she would confirm rumors that Glassman is driving away staffers with his reported bad attitude. She didn't respond directly to the question but did send us a statement from Glassman.

"We thank Patrick for all his hard work, " Glassman says. "My campaign team is focused on the general election and remains dedicated to the people of Arizona, whom John McCain has ignored for 28 years. Nearly 300,000 Arizonans have lost their jobs since the beginning of the recession. Half of Arizona homeowners are under water on their mortgages, and Arizona ranks dead last in classroom spending. I pledge to serve the people of Arizona. John McCain has only seemed interested in serving himself and his own narrow interests."

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