Ron Paul Renegade Roughed Up by Police at John McCain Campaign Event

Much to our dismay, the Ron Paul Revolution apparently isn't over, and at a John McCain campaign stop in Mesa on Saturday, the "revolution" was televised.

Cameras rolled as a man, who identified himself only as Alex, was tossed out of the event -- where former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was speaking on McCain's behalf -- for screaming and yelling as Palin tried to give her speech.

After getting the boot, ABC 15 cameras watched as three men -- one a plainclothes police officer -- wrestled the man to the ground as he threw a tantrum reminiscent of the whole "don't tase me, bro" debacle.

Alex, however, wasn't getting electrocuted, he was just being a pussy.

As police tried to cuff him, Alex starts screaming and yelling things like, "What's your problem?" to which an observer accurately points out, "You're a douche, that's our problem."

Once police got the flailing hippy to his feet, the bullshit began to flow.

"I'm trying to save America. I like America, I like Americans, I just don't like John McCain," Alex yells. "I don't like Obama, I don't like McCain, I like Ron Paul."

Easy... Your guy lost -- time to pick up the patchouli and find a new hero.

You can check out the whole ABC 15 video by clicking here.

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