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Rotting from the Head Down: Joe Arpaio's Barack Obama Dis and an MCSO Deputy's Wish for "the JFK Syndrome"

Let's just hope the MCSO never has to help protect President-elect Obama.

By now, many of you have already read about our corrupt top constable Sheriff Joe Arpaio's flipping the verbal bird to President-elect Barack Obama and his soon-to-be U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Concerning his ethnic profiling sweeps and raids, Arpaio told the Phoenix Business Journal that, "I'm not stopping," and if folks have complaints, they can, "take them to the FBI." That's straight from the gob of Maricopa County's cross between Bull Connor and Judge Roy Bean.

I found this interesting because just last night, as I was interviewing Arizona ACORN director Monica Sandschafer on the porch of the dreaded Fourth Avenue Jail, moments after she had been released after spending a day in stir, she related the following. Seems she was checking out of the facility, when the deputy overseeing her paperwork struck up a political conversation with her, noting that, "You guys [ACORN members] are all for Obama."

Sandschafer suggested that this was not a bad thing as Obama won the election, right? The deputy's response was right out of the Lee Harvey Oswald joke book.

"He goes, `Oh, well, for a short time anyway...he (Obama) might suffer from the JFK syndrome,'" recounted Sandschafer.

"And I said, `Well, let's hope not,'" Sandschafer told the deputy, who then went on to inform her that he'd voted for Bush three times, apparently referring to Bushes I and II.   

While it may not be illegal for an MCSO deputy to long for Barack Obama's death, assuming he doesn't do anything to help bring it about, it is at the very least unseemly for a law enforcement official to make such remarks, assuming Sandschafer is recalling the conversation correctly.

But is it any surprise that a rogue top cop like Arpaio would have men working for him that would like to see the President-elect of the United States assassinated? Arpaio's nose-thumb of Obama in the Phoenix Business Journal shows that Arpaio has no respect for the office of the Presidency, or for any law and order other than his own. Such an attitude infects Arpaio's underlings, making them feel immune to scrutiny and contemptuous of outside authority. The fish indeed rots from the head down.  

As I've reported in previous blog posts, here and here, Sandschafer was arrested by sheriff's deputies yesterday for applauding at a public meeting of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. This is the sort of knee-jerk authoritarian overreaction that occurs regularly in places like Venezuela, Burma, China, and elsewhere. Similarly, in this burg, people getting arrested at the drop of a hat is shrugged off as de rigueur

Last time I checked, Maricopa County was still landlocked within the United States of America, and presumably governed by the same Constitution and Bill of Rights that we all hold dear. Unfortunately, no one has ever informed Joe Arpaio of this, much less his minions.   

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